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  • The Internet of Things
    has found its king...

  • The Modified COTS Advantage:

    Start with InHand COTS product.
    Modify to design specification.

  • Fully rugged.
    Fully customizable.

    Ideal for OEMs.
    Semi or full custom.
    Powered by Freescale i.MX 6.
    InHand's Hydra-F6 rugged tablet.

  • Custom Device Design

    Design & manufacture to spec:
    InHand specializes in rugged,
    low-power military, medical & industrial handhelds.

InHand designs and manufactures embedded circuit boards and custom devices for original equipment manufacturers with unique project requirements.


Rugged Tablet

Hydra Tablet

ARM-based tablets provide MIL-SPEC durability and customization options with the familiarity of your everyday mobile device.

Industrial Computers

COTS Boards

Commercial off-the-shelf single board computers are based on industry-leading technologies, specializing in small size and low power.

rugged tablet pc

Custom Devices

InHand designs and manufactures low-power, rugged mobile devices for customers requiring unique custom design solutions.

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